In-Room Dining allows guests to enjoy a meal in the comfort of their hotel room, which is an essential aspect of the guest experience. However, managing and removing dirty room service trays can be challenging and even decrease guest satisfaction. TrayAway provides a more efficient and convenient way to dispose of dirty room service trays and improve the in-room dining experience.

Tray tracking with TrayAway Technology

What is TrayAway?

The TrayAway tray retrieval system provides an efficient and convenient way to improve in-room dining. TrayAway uses wireless technology and a small device placed on the tray to notify hotel staff when a tray is ready for pickup. The simplicity of a button saves guests the hassle of calling to request tray pickup.

TrayAway Benefits

Installing TrayAway and training your staff has many benefits. Here are a few.

Improves Staff Productivity

TrayAway reduces the time and resources hotel staff spends on tray retrieval. Constantly checking guest rooms for dirty trays takes time and effort. With TrayAway, hotel staff can focus on other tasks and respond to alerts. Less time spent wandering hallways searching for dirty trays allows your hotel staff to dedicate more time to other important tasks and projects.

Increases Guest Satisfaction

TrayAway will improve the overall experience by catering to guest needs. Guests don’t need to think twice about calling for a tray pick-up. After the guest finishes their meal, with the passive click of a button, the hotel staff responds in record time. Guests are impressed with the service, resulting in increased guest satisfaction and repeat business.

Hotel Cleanliness

Dirty trays in hotel hallways will also affect guest perception and industry ratings. With TrayAway, your hotel will be more hygienic and welcoming. Prevent used and dirty trays from piling up in guest rooms or hallways and improve hotel hygiene and cleanliness with TrayAway. Prompt removal of dirty trays reduces the risk of guest complaints about unsanitary conditions and pests. 

Getting Started

One of the challenges with in-room dining is leftover trays lining the hallways of luxury hotels. TrayAway eliminates this problem by providing a convenient way to dispose of dirty room service trays. TrayAway will make your staff more productive, improve guest experience, and increase hotel cleanliness. For more on how TrayAway can benefit your hotel room service, visit

TrayAway Done Dining tracking Device for Hotels