Hotel cleanliness is the first thing guests notice, which is critical for ensuring a great experience. Cleanliness is an important part of a hotel's performance regarding guest satisfaction, hygiene, and overall service quality. Improving hotel cleanliness can be challenging, but TrayAway is here to help.

Room service tray retrieval increases guest satisfaction and staff efficiency

What is TrayAway?

TrayAway is a smart tray retrieval system that provides an efficient and convenient way to track and retrieve dirty room service trays. This system can significantly improve hotel cleanliness. TrayAway uses a small tracking device placed on the tray and wireless technology to alert hotel staff when a tray is ready for pickup. This helps guests avoid the hassle of calling or going to the front desk to request tray pickup.

TrayAway Benefits

Besides making life easier for your guest, TrayAway comes with a few other benefits. 

Increases Productivity

TrayAway reduces the time hotel staff spend on tray retrieval, allowing them to focus their resources on other tasks. Instead of constantly checking guest rooms for dirty trays or responding to requests for pickup, staff simply waits for TrayAway alerts. More time for other cleanliness-related tasks will make your team more productive and efficient. This will have a positive impact on hotel cleanliness.

Improves Guest Experience

Guests expect things to be taken care of in a timely manner. Guests no longer have to call, and TrayAway alerts staff instantly when a tray is ready for pickup.  When things are tidy, efficient, and convenient, guests enjoy their stay, are more satisfied, and are more likely to revisit your hotel. 

Improves Hotel Cleanliness

TrayAway prevents dirty trays from piling up in guest rooms. Stacked, half-eaten trays create unsanitary conditions and attract pests. When the trays are removed promptly, hotel cleanliness and hygiene improve. This can lead to improved cleanliness and hygiene. The COVID-19 Pandemic is still a concern for many guests, and TrayAway reduces surface contact and helps prevent the spread of disease. 

Getting Started

TrayAway is an innovative solution designed to make tray removal efficient and convenient. Benefits include increased staff productivity, better guest experiences, and improved hotel cleanliness. Together these benefits drive business growth and success. Ready to learn more? Visit

Guest enjoys room service and clear hallways with TrayAway tray tracking