improve your housekeeping service

Today, let's talk about something near and dear to our hearts – the unsung heroes of the hospitality world: the housekeeping staff. Those folks work tirelessly to ensure that our guests have a spotless and comfortable stay. Now, picture this: a housekeeper, armed with their cleaning supplies, ready to conquer the day, only to be thwarted by the dreaded dirty tray. Yep, you know the one – abandoned in a room, tarnishing the pristine ambiance we work so hard to maintain.

Let's be real, housekeeping hates nothing more than stumbling upon a room with a tray that looks like it's hosted a party for two the night before. It's a buzzkill, a mood-downer, and, frankly, a cleaning nightmare. But what's worse than a tray left in a room? Spotting one in the hallway while you're pushing that heavy cart loaded with cleaning essentials. 

And then there's the whole hassle of having to call other departments to pick up those forsaken trays. It's like entering a communication labyrinth – getting transferred from one department to another, hoping someone will take responsibility. Trust me; housekeeping doesn't have time for that. We're on a mission to make every room sparkle, not play phone tag.

Enter TrayAway – the game-changer for housekeeping woes. Picture this: a simple, four-click function on the TrayAway device that signals an internal request for tray retrieval. No need for phone calls, no potential arguments with other departments – just a discreet and efficient system to make those trays disappear like magic. Housekeeping's dream come true!

The four-click magic is not just a button; it's a sigh of relief for our hardworking staff. With a swift manoeuvre on the TrayAway device, the message is sent loud and clear – "Come get this tray, and let us do our job in peace!" It's like having a personal superhero swoop in and take care of the mess, leaving housekeepers to focus on what they do best – turning rooms into immaculate sanctuaries for guests.

So, dear hoteliers, if you want to keep your housekeeping staff happy, invest in TrayAway. It's not just a gadget; it's a silent ally in the battle against dirty trays. Your housekeeping team will thank you, your guests will notice the difference, and the entire operation will run smoother than ever. Say goodbye to tray troubles and hello to a cleaner, more efficient hotel experience for everyone!

a housekeeping tool to end dirty trays