It's Time to Embrace Digital Ordering

In today’s rapidly evolving hospitality landscape, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial to stay competitive. One area where technology is making a significant impact is with dining services. Adopting digital menus and food & beverage ordering systems streamlines operations and enhances the guest experience. Let’s dive into why these innovations are a game-changer for your hotel's guest experience.

Seamless Guest Experience 

Guests can access your menu on their smartphones by simply scanning a QR code.  Guests can see the most up-to-date menu with your daily specials and substitutes available. Digital menus have no limit to item descriptions, and you can even display pictures of your mouth-watering dishes. In addition to being convenient for guests, digital menus and ordering systems also improve the workflow of your kitchen staff.

Efficient Order Management 

Digital menus streamline the ordering process. Some systems only display the menu. However, the best systems allow guests to order directly through their smartphones. Digital ordering automatically notifies the staff and sends them the order ticket. This digital record reduces the chances of errors and allows your kitchen and bar staff to receive orders in real-time. In addition, you also get a digital time-stamp for when the order was placed, and exactly when your guests expect their delivery. No more frantically jotting down orders, deciphering illegible handwriting, or playing a guessing game about when the order was placed! Systems like WalkinIn by TrayAway are created to allow guests to see the menu and place their orders. Guests can even check out using their credit card, or simply charge back to their room. WalkinIn can even design menus for different parts of a hotel, such as restaurants, lounges, poolside bars, and in-room dining. ​

Upselling and Specials Promotion

Digital menus are not just about presenting your offerings; they also offer substantial opportunities to upsell and promote daily specials. You can boost your average check by integrating features like eye-catching images, highlighting chef’s recommendations, and even suggesting wine pairings while delighting your guests with enticing options. 

Environmental Sustainability

Let’s not forget the environment. By going digital, you’re contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste. Guests who value eco-friendly choices will appreciate your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. 

Adopting Digital Menus and Food & Beverage Ordering:

Adopting digital menus and food & beverage ordering systems is a win-win for your hotel. It enhances the guest experience, improves efficiency, and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and hygienic safety. Don’t get left behind in the analog era; embrace the digital future of dining services and watch your hotel dining experiences flourish. 

So, whether you’re a boutique hotel or a luxurious resort, it’s time to explore the world of digital menus and food & beverage ordering. Your guests will thank you, and your bottom line will reflect the positive change. Bon appétit!

Digital Food & Beverage Ordering for Hotels & Resorts