Hotels rely on satisfied guests who have confidence in their brand. Happy guests leave positive reviews and will return in the future. To increase guest satisfaction, TrayAway is an essential tool that improves hotel cleanliness and lets guests feel cared for during their stay. When hotels invest in TrayAway, they realize the benefits immediately.

Improve your guest experience

Let's take an in-depth look at TrayAway's advantages:

Save Valuable Time & Energy for Guests

TrayAway is revolutionizing the hotel industry by reducing the tray removal burden on guests. Guests don’t have to call the front desk and won’t need to leave their trays outside for hours. They can click a button, and hotel staff collects the trays soon after. 

Fast service provides guests with a better experience. They feel catered to and are more likely to use your hotel again. 

Improved Cleanliness of Guest Rooms

Hotel Cleanliness is a crucial factor in guest experience. By alerting employees to remove dirty room service trays faster than ever., TrayAway helps ensure that guests are provided with a cleaner environment.

Guests will notice immediately that their space is clean, and your staff will have more time to focus on higher-priority tasks. In addition, with TrayAway's cutting-edge design, hotels can guarantee guests a more sanitary environment with less clutter and mess.

Implementing TrayAway at Your Hotel

Implementing TrayAway at your hotel will be advantageous. Consider the following steps:

  1. Contact TrayAway to set up a demo.

  2. Request sample TrayAway devices for your hotel.

  3. Trial TrayAway with your team using the sample devices.

  4. Gather honest employee feedback on TrayAway, including how it's working for them.

  5. Order the complete TrayAway system and custom devices for your operation.

  6. Launch TrayAway and continue measuring your Trayaway usage and its impact on guest satisfaction.

  7. Use feedback to adjust TrayAway, and guests and employees can continue enjoying its benefits.

Increase Service Scores & Guest Satisfaction with TrayAway

TrayAway is a powerful tool that can help improve service scores and guest satisfaction. By reducing friction for guests, promoting cleanliness, and encouraging collaboration among staff, TrayAway can help create a healthier work environment for hotel employees. 

With this innovative solution, hotels can maximize their employees' potential while boosting the morale of the entire staff. Happy employees treat guests better, which drives up customer satisfaction.

Get started with TrayAway today and begin to see the benefits of a happier, more productive hotel staff. Your guests will thank you for it!

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