Dirty room service trays in hotel hallways

The epidemic of dirty room service trays can be quite the burden to both hotel staff and hotel guests. They can lead to an unsanitary environment as well as take up unnecessary space in hotel rooms and hotel hallways alike. Luckily, there’s an end to the struggle: TrayAway

Introduction to TrayAway

TrayAway is a software that was designed to complement the process of hotel guests disposing of their dirty room service trays. The operation includes a miniature device that is positioned on the trays and operates through wireless technology that is able to notify staff when they are ready to be disposed of. This rids the guests of the obligation of calling the front desk seeking tray retrieval, eliminating inconvenience and saving time.

How Does it Work?

The TrayAway hotel technology can easily be set up through wifi,  and it requires the minimal training of staff on its use. Once set, the staff will be notified with the click of a button by the guests which signals the tray ready for retrieval. The TrayAway system provides real-time tracking that notifies staff on the location as well as status of the tray. 

Key Benefits of the TrayAway Solution:

The main benefits of the TrayAway solution include saving time and resources as well as promoting the hygiene and cleanliness of the hotel. However, another highlighted advantage it provides is its ability to assess performance. Once the guest clicks the TrayAway button and signals their desire for their tray to be retrieved, a timer will start to record how long it takes for that tray to be picked up. The data is saved so the staff’s progress may be tracked and used for future improvement goals. This factor plays a major role in the department’s efficiency as it aids in setting clear intention and aim for timely tray retrieval. 

What to Expect When Incorporating TrayAway:

The TrayAway software ultimately leads to increased guest satisfaction and an improved guest experience with the guest convenience and staff efficiency it adds to the hotel mix. Having implemented TrayAway to your hotel, you can expect an influx of positive reviews, high ratings and repeat clients!

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TrayAway tray retrieval the perfect solution for hotels