Providing the best guest experience with TrayAway

In-room dining is a popular option for hotel guests, offering convenience and comfort. However, such services have traditionally been time-consuming and labor-intensive for hotel staff to manage. If hallways are cluttered with dirty trays, hotel staff will waste time managing the demand and not focusing on their most important tasks. Without the proper resources, room service teams can struggle with even the simple task of picking up leftover room service orders. This is where TrayAway comes in to help.

With TrayAway, hotels can now streamline the process of providing guests with in-room dining service. This tray tracking system is an optimized communication and staff management tool, and a hotel room service solution.

So, what are some of TrayAway's most helpful features? 

Live-time Tray Tracking

TrayAway is a software application that notifies staff mobile devices of a guest tray's tray status and location. Guests or housekeeping staff merely need to press a button on the TrayAway device, and in-room dining service staff can promptly retrieve the dirty tray. With live time tray tracking, staff management is effective and simplified. The hotel staff will know exactly when a tray is ready for pick up, where the tray is located, and who is making the pickup request.

Track and manage your room service performance

Instant Notifications

TrayAway lets staff know instantly when a guest calls for tray pickup. When guests complete their meal, they simply click a TrayAway button on their tray, and all staff members are instantly alerted. The software will alert the team and start a timer so everyone can see how long a tray awaits pickup. 

See Tray Activity All in One Place

TrayAway's easy-to-use dashboard provides an overview of guests' tray activities. This allows staff to assess the situation and take action accordingly quickly. Plus, it eliminates the need for confusing paper-based records, making the entire process more efficient and cost-effective.

Your New Favorite Hotel Room Service Solution

Hotels that have adopted TrayAway have seen drastic improvements in their room service operations and team focus. With improved communication, streamlined staff management, and the ability to provide staff with a simple tray tracking platform, TrayAway is quickly becoming the go-to solution for hotel room service.

Start streamlining your in-room dining services today with TrayAway!

TrayAway tray tracking system to provide a high guest experience and an effective operation