best hotel technology to track room service trays

A vital part of the success of a hotel business is the reduction of labor costs. In recent years, independent hotels and hotel groups have been turning to technology to reduce labor costs.  TrayAway promises a unique solution to reduce labor costs for the hotel industry. 

Introduction to TrayAway

TrayAway can be described as an innovative software designed to enhance efficiency and convenience in administering tray retrieval. It is a system operating through wireless technology that notifies hotel employees of guests requesting the retrieval of their room service trays. 

The benefits of TrayAway include but are not limited to the following: 

Less time and resources spent picking up trays

Among the main advantages of TrayAway is the impact of its time and resource-saving. Hotels using the tray tracking system are increasing team productivity capacity and ultimately encouraging labor costs reduction. 

The user-friendly TrayAway app considerably reduces the time staff spend walking hotel hallways searching for room service trays and eliminates the need to disturb guests for tray removal. TrayAway allows the team to attend to other pressing projects with the confidence of knowing they will be alerted instantly for tray pickups as needed. While using TrayAway, hotel staff effectively ensures hallways and rooms are kept clean and free of dirty trays.

 Improved guest experience

The solution TrayAway provides creates the pathway to convenience for servers, housekeeping, and even for the hotel guests. It’s 2023, and hotel guests shouldn’t be inconvenienced by calling the front desk or searching for a staff member to dispose of their room service tray. With the simple push of a button, guests can choose when to have their tray retrieved. The convenience of this exchange will conclusively build greater guest satisfaction and eventually lead guests to return. 

Hotel Hygiene 

Another vital aspect of a guest’s experience is hotel cleanliness. Most travellers are all too familiar with the sight of trays piling up in hotel hallways. Dirty trays with old food can begin to smell, attract pests, and negatively impact the guests’ experience. TrayAway is an essential tool in supporting modern hotel cleanliness standards. Prevention is always the best solution; clean hallways can mitigate pest control and deep cleaning expenses. Trays lining hotel hallways are so familiar to guests that when they see a clean, sparkling hallway and instant service, hotels using TrayAway truly shine a positive lasting impression on the overall guest experience. 

tray retrieval for hotel room service

Why TrayAway?

It is evident through the previously mentioned benefits that TrayAway can only enhance the hotel system and scale down labor costs in more ways than one. Introducing TrayAway and educating your hotel staff on using it will highlight how much time (and, therefore, resources) can be saved. The reduced labor costs, greater guest satisfaction, enhanced environmental hygiene, and service experience that come with TrayAway result in improved growth and popularity for the business. 

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