Simple ways to boost Guest Satisfaction

It’s no surprise that guest satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of the hotel industry. The satisfaction of your guests fuels positive rankings and hotel service scores. Guest satisfaction during their stay will differentiate your hotel from competitors.

Effective Ways to Boost Guest Satisfaction include:

Personalisation & Attention to Detail 

Making guests feel special is a core principle for luxury hotels. Guest satisfaction thrives when personalisation and attention to detail are prioritised in creating the guest experience. It’s the little thoughtful details such as having a guest’s name on a welcome card waiting for them in their room or knowing facts about them before checking in. For example, if your team knows of guests with  special celebrations, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or honeymoons, highlighting this for the guests makes them feel very special. Another way to make guests feel special is by noting food allergies or special preparation requests. Training your hotel staff to ask these discovery questions when guests are making the reservation would further enable personalisation upon their arrival. These simple acts play a major role in having your guests feel special and excited about their stay. 

Reward System for Returning Guests 

Having a reward system for the guests that return to your hotel expresses appreciation for their loyalty to the brand. This entices the feeling of a relationship growing and drives the sensation of connection and familiarity. Additionally, first-time guests who have had a pleasant experience hearing about potential compensation if they return could encourage them to do so. An example of a reward in customer loyalty programs is offering complimentary services for their returning trip. 

Responding to Reviews

Being proactive with responses to feedback is also fundamental to the formation and growth of the hotel-guest relationship. Hotel’s replying to guest reviews demonstrates that the guest experience does not end once their stay is over. It is also important to ensure responding to the negative comments as well as the positive ones. This act may salvage any negative impressions and potentially restore faith in guests that did not have a pleasant stay. Another pro to this is that other guests deciding to stay at the hotel may see the positively reacted response and take it into account when making their choice as opposed to only reading the negative response and sitting with that sole impression of the hotel. 

The Introduction of New Technology 

Lastly, In-room technology has been a majorly growing hotel feature recently. Leading hotel groups and individual hotels consistently adopt tech innovations to boost relevance and distinction from competitors. Implementing technology is key to promoting comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Staff can enhance hotel operations today by implementing contactless room service tray retrieval tracking systems such as TrayAway

What is TrayAway?

TrayAway is a software system designed to complement the process of hotel guests disposing of their dirty room service trays. The service includes a miniature click-button placed on the trays and operates through wireless technology that can notify staff when they are ready to be disposed of. This rids the guests of the obligation of calling the front desk seeking tray retrieval. For the staff, TrayAway is a convenient and time-saving tool. With less time spent wandering hotel hallways, your staff can focus more on making guests feel special during their stay. 

TrayAway ultimately leads to increased guest satisfaction and an improved guest experience, clear hallways, the convenience of a click-button, and encourages staff to be available to support guests. When implementing TrayAway in your hotel, you can expect increased positive reviews, industry ratings, and repeat clients!

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Ways to improve your guest satisfaction